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the Meaning of Beckham Chinese Tattoo is "death and life have determined appointments, riches and honor depend upon heaven."
backham tattoo

Beckham Chinese Tattoo is a famous Chinese proverb which involves eight Chinese symbols, I have custom designed the eight Chinese symbols by using exactly the same translation and the same Grass style as Beckham's Chinese Tattoo, You will recieve the tattoo design by email within 24 hours after making payment, and then you print it out for inking. the tattoo design can be scaled to any size to fit any part of your body.

  • Original Price: US$49.9
  • Promotion Price: US$29.9
  • I accept orders 24 X 7 X 365. You can order at anytime. 60 Day's Money Back Guarantee.

    Click Here to contact me if you have any question about your tattoos.

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