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Butterfly Tattoo Pictures

Not only are butterflies beautiful, but a butterfly tattoo allows for plenty of experimentation with color and shape. A butterfly is an extremely versatile design. It is popular on any part of the body, particularly the back. A butterfly tattoo can be designed from a real butterfly or an imaginative butterfly. Many women work butterfly tattoos in with other symbols such as flowers, leaves, fairies or flames. In addition, many women use butterfly wings on a fairy or an angel tattoo to create a unique look.

History of Butterflies
Butterflies have enjoyed a rich historical significance for humans through time. In Greece, it was believed that a human soul was born each time a butterfly emerged from its cocoon. In Ireland, butterflies are dead souls waiting to go into purgatory. In Asia, butterflies are symbols of joy and happiness. Many of the handpainted kimonos worn by geishas had butterflies on them. Many Native American tribes had specific ideas about butterflies too. The Blackfoot tribe believe butterflies bring dreams, and the Zuni tribe feel that a white butterfly predicts the beginning of summer.
Butterflies and Symbolism
Many women choose butterfly tattoos because of what they symbolize. In addition to their unquestionable beauty, they symbolize metamorphosis or change. As we all know, butterflies start out as ugly, fat, over-eating caterpillars, but over time, they change into beautiful creatures. In our society of anorexic super models, is it any surprise many women can relate to the change a caterpillar goes through? Butterflies can also symbolize death and rebirth. Because of this, many women may choose a butterfly tattoo after going through a difficult time in their lives. For many women, a butterfly is simply a beautiful way to show grace and peace. In addition, many women feel a butterfly tattoo lets others know they are a nature lover, perhaps concerned protecting the natural environment.

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